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TANTALLON CASTLE (Ruins of) Tantallon Castle (Ruin) Mr. Nelson Farmer Castleton
John Burn Schoolmaster Pit School
Greenwoods Co. [County] map
003 A noble and celebrated ruin about 3 Miles East of North Berwick. It stands on on the top of a projecting. precipitous eminence. whose base is washed on three sides by the sea. And on the West where alone it was accessible. it was defended by two ditches of extraordinary depth. and by Very massively Constructed Towers. one of which only remains to be seen at the present time, The entrance was over a Drawbridge above the entrance there still remains Sculptured on a stone Shield, though now much effaced, the emblem of the Bloody Heart the well Known ensign of the Douglasses its early proud and powerful proprietors. The Castle in its outer Structure is still Comparatively entire but wholly unroofed and in a State of desolation. its interior is a labyrinth of broken Staircases, ruined Chambers with deep and dismal looking Subterranean dungeons. the Principal dungeon which has been only lately discovered is on the outside of the Castle at its N-West [North-West] angle and is Conjectured to be the Dungeon Keep of the Guardhouse. So strong was the Castle in position and [Continued]

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