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Parish of North Berwick

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Extract from New Stat: Acct: [Statistical Account] of Scotland
page 326.

Abbey - About a quarter of a mile west from the town, on a gentle elevation
toward the south of the public road, stand the venerable but awfully mutilated ruins of the Abbey
of North Berwick. It was a Cistertian nunnery, founded by Duncan Earl of Fife, who died in
1154, of which there are, on the whole, very accurate views in Grose's "Antiquities of Scotland".
The site is admirably chosen, commanding extensive and magnificient views - on the one
hand of the beautiful and lofty Law, and on the other of the rich and variegated coasts of Fife,
the Frith with its numerous rugged rocky islands, and the immeasurably expanding ocean.
It was consecrated to the Virgin Mary, and richly endowed with lands in the manor of North
Berwick, and with revenues from different sources in Fife, Berwickshire, Roxburgh-
-shire, Ayrshire, Edinburghshire and West Lothian * * * * The monastery has been, at one
time, evidently very magnificent, strongly built, and covering an extensive area of ground.
But it has occasionally been very lightly esteemed, and is sadly dilapidated; though the
massive remains are very picturesque, embosomed among trees, and form a very interesting
memorial of olden times.

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