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FORT [Park] Camp (Roman)
Camp (Roman)
Camp (Roman)
John Clapperton
Robert Henderson
John Wood
015 [Situation] About 1 Mile N.E. [North East] by N. [North] from Hopes
A large encampment on the farm of Park. It is defended on the S. [South] west side by three deep ditches, on the East by two, and seems by its construction to be of Roman origin. A short distance N.E. [North East] of this Camp is another small Camp of a semicircular form and is partly surrounde by one ditch.

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Parish of Garvald

Form 136 Page
32 Camp Roman

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This object written "Fort" by
order Captn [Captain] James R.E. [Royal Engineers]

Does Capt [Captain] James Authorise it Old English Character OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office]

1/2 mile N.E. [North East] of Brookside
House & 1 Mile N.E. [North East] of Hopes House OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office]

Roman origin not adapted on the ordnance plan OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office]

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