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Site of a CONFLICT between the Macgregors and Colquhouns A.D. 1603 Site of Battle betwixt the Macgregors and Colquhouns A.D. 1602 Fullarton's Gazetteer
New Statistical Account
J. Macfarlane Esqr., Faslane
D. Macfarlane Strone
Montague Martin Esqr.
J. Macfarlane, Durland
Revd. [Reverend] J. Laurie Fogo, Row
012 There is no place which can be marked as the exact Site of this Battle but it is supposed to have taken place in a large flat piece of ground near "Auchingaich" which is derived from the Gaelic, Achadh an Chatha signifying the Battlefield. According to tradition, the Macgregors after defeating the Colquhouns pursued them to the foot of "Glen Fruin."
"It ('Glen Fruin') has attained considerable historical notoriety from its having been the scene, in 1602, of a desperate conflict between Sir Humphrey Colquhoun of Luss the Chief of that surname and Alexander Macgregor Chief of the Clan Gregor. Colquhoun was the assailant at the head of a body of 500 foot and 300 horse, while Macgregor stood on the defensive with only about 200 of his clansmen. The contest was keen and ended remarkably in the total defeat of the Colquhouns, no fewer than about 200 of them being put hors de combat."
Fullarton's Gazetteer

"Colquhoun of Luss arrived in this country just as it had been invaded by Alister Macgregor at the head of 400 men, Colquhoun, rousing his vassals, and being assisted by some of the neighbouring lairds and a number of Dumbarton burghers, came up with the marauders at the farm of "Strone" near the head of Glen Fruin. A desperate combat gave victory to the Macgregors"
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