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Auchenvennel Hill
Auchenvennel Hill
Archibald McLachlan
Peter Turner
John Millar
013 A long ridged topped hill about a mile south of "Ben Chaorich" and near "Balavoulin". it has fine sloping sides and is of considerable height.
ALLT A' BHAILE-MHUILINN Allt Bhaile a' Mhuilinn
Allt Bhaile a' Mhuilinn
Allt Bhaile a' Mhuilinn
Peter Turner
John Millar
Rev. [Reverend] Duncan Campbell
013 A large stream rising on the northern slope of "Balcnock", pursuing a South Eastrly direction and falls into "Fruin Water", about a quarter mile south of "Balavoulin" farm house. This name signifies The Mill town burn.

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County Dumbarton

[Below entry for Auchinvennal Hill:]
Assimilated to Auchinvennal
on Plan 13/5 Row
JB Major

[Below entry for Allt a' Bhaile-Mhuilinn:]
"Allt - A mountain stream or Burn
Bhaile - from Baile, a town
Mhuillinn, from Muilleann, A mill, a' the

"Allt Bhaile a' Mhuilinn," The Mill town Burn.

To be written as corrected
at O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] Glasgow
See Name Book for Row
Ph [Parish] on page 48
Note - These names to
be written alike on the

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