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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Rev. [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Rev. [Reverend] D. Campbell
Coll Lindsay, Farmer
Rent Receipt
010 A good farm steading the property of Sir James Colquhoun Bart. [Baronet]. This name signifies a small nook.
Dun Mor
Dun Mor
Dun Mor
Rev [Reverend] D. Campbell
Rev. [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Coll Lindsay
Peter Turner
010 A name applied to two small rocky knolls, at the foot of "Ben Dhubh," on the side of the T.P. [Turn Pike] road from Dumbarton to Inverary, about 30 chains north of "Uray".
Montague Martin Esqr. Factor
Peter Turner
Coll Lindsay
010 An old Cothouse the property of Sir James Colquhoun Bart [Baronet]. Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan supposes this name to be a corruption of Urfhaiche which signifies Newfield.

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 66
Co [County] Dumbarton

[Below entry for Culag:]
"Cùlag, (G) [Gaelic]. May signify a little nook
Cùl. The back of anything; as "Cùl na beinne" The back, or
secluded part of the mountain, Ag, a diminutive termination.

[Below entry for Dun Mor:]
Dùn. A hillock, a mount
Mòr. Great. Gael. [Gaelic]

[Below entry for Uray:]
Ùr, (G) [Gaelic] New, fair, &c.
Fhairhe (G. [Gaelic] from Fairhe) A field

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