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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CHAPEL (Remains of) Chapel (Remains of)
Chapel (Remains of)
Chapel (Remains of)
Chapel (Remains of)
Chapel (Remains of)
Adam Walker
Peter Turner
James Galbraith, Edentaggart
Rev. [Reverend] Duncan Campbell
Rev [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan, Arroquhar
010 This name is applied to a ruin, about 33 chains East of "Glenmallochan" farm house. The walls only remain and are about 2 feet in height, and 3 in breadth.The length of the ruin is 30 feet and 21 in width. There is no record of its date. Several of the principal stones were used in building "Glenmallochan" house. In the north wall several coins were found in 1837, two gold and several silver. The gold ones belong to the Reign of James IV King of Scotland, who reigned in the 15th Century. They are now in possession of Sir James Colquhoun, Bart. [Baronet], who in 1852, erected a stone on the western wall, bearing the following inscriptions, in Latin and Gaelic.
In Memoriam
Pristinae. Pietatis
Ponendum. curavit.
Dominus de Colquhoun
Et de Luss

Mar Chuimhne
Air crabhachd nan linntean cein
Anns an do thogadh Tigh aoraidh an so
a bhacoisrigte do Dhia
Mo chreach! a nis'na làraich luim

Chuireadh an leac-chuimhne so suas
Le Seumas
Triath Chloim-a-chombuich
agus Ridire Luis

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