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Ben Dhubh
Ben Dhubh
Ben Dhubh
Ben Dhubh
Montague Martin Esqr.
Peter Turner
Adam Walker, Glenmallochan
Coll Lindsay
Rev. [Reverend] Duncan Campbell
010 A mountain in the north east of the parish of Luss. The north side, which falls to "Glen Douglas is steep though not generally rocky. The east and west sides are the most difficult of ascent. It rises to a great height, and forms one of the principal features in the district. On it are two unimportant features. Dun Mor and Dun-an-t'Seileich, the name signifies the Dark Mountain.
Kinloch Well
Kinloch Well
Peter Turner, Auchengavin
Coll Lindsay Culag
Rev. [Reverend] Duncan Campbell Luss
010 This name is applied to a spring issuing out of a rock, on the side of the turnpike road from "Dumbarton to Inverary". and at which there is a rough hewen trough for watering horses. At this place General Wade erected a stone and drinking cup. The stone bearing an inscription, but of neither any part now remains. It is situated about a mile north of the farmhouse of "Culag".

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County Dumbarton

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Corrected [from Ben to Beinn] at O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] Glasgow
Beinn, (G) [Gaelic] A mountain
Dhubh (G. [Gaelic] from Dubh) Black, dark
Rule. An adjective beginning with d, preceded by a noun masculine
or feminine ending in -n or -t is always plain in both numbers as
nighean dònn, Na coin dubha, Ceit dònn, Beinn dubh, &c.
Forbes Grammar p [page] 197

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