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Ben Lochain
Ben Lochain
Peter Turner
Archibald Cameron
Colin MacKie
010 This name is applied to a ridge topped hill considerably lower than "Ben Eich," and "Doune Hill" betwixt which it is situated the name signifies the hill of the small loch from a small pool in its vicinity.
STUC BAN Stuchd a' Bhan Peter Turner 010 A rock on the southern slope of "Doune Hill." the name is only now known to the authority quoted

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County Dumbarton

[Below entry for Beinn Lochain:]
"Beinn, (G. [Gaelic]) A mountain; a hill, &c
Lochain, or Lochan, (dim: [diminutive] of Loch.) A little loch.
"Beinn Lochain", The hill of the little loch; - Gael. [Gaelic]

[Below entry for Stuc Ban:]
Stùchd, (G. [Gaelic]) A little hill jutting out from a
or Stùc ........greater; a cliff or pinnacle, &c
Bhàn, (G) [Gaelic]. Fair; white. otherwise Bàn - see "Rudha Bàn" &c
"Stùchd Bhàn" - White pinnacle, or cliff

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