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ALLT DARACH Allt Darach Finlay Sinclair
Colin MacKay
009 A good stream rising at the foot of "Creag a' Spardain". and, pursuing a circuitous course, falls into "Loch Long" near "Finnart". This name and the above are only known to the authorities quoted, who having been in the district respectively 40 and 20 years, are the best to be got.
BINNEAN NAM BOC Binnein nam Boc
Binnein nam Boc
Finlay Sinclair
Colin MacKay
009 A slight eminence a little to the North of "Gortean na Leirg". On its South end is a small peak from which the word Binnein is derived. The name, altogether, signifies The peak of The Bucks.

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Co [County] Dumbarton

Below entry for Binnean nam Boc:]
Binnein (g.) [Gaelic] A pinnacle, a high
conical hill, [ ]
Boc (G.) [Gaelic] A [buck]

[Below entry for Allt Darach:]
Allt (G.) [Gaelic] A mountain stream
Darach (G.) [Gaelic] An oak
Darach nom. sing. [nominative singular] and gen. plur. [genitive plural]

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