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LOCHAN UAINE Continued Contd. [Continued]
Lochan Uaine
Fairy Loch
008 Continued [from page 32]
The following extract from "Robertson's Tourists' Guide" will explain the names of this small lake.
"On the top of the hill is the enchanting "Lochan Uaine" which empties itself into the bay of Camsnaglash. It was said in ancient times to have been employed by a tribe of fairies as a bowl or tub in which they mingled dyestuffs. Any person desirous of having his wool dyed proceeded about dusk to the banks of the enchanted lake, laid down the bundle to be operated upon, together with a thread of the particular colour wanted, and retired. Returning in the morning he was sure to find his goods nicely finished and dyed to the very shade".

At the present time when the rays of the sun play on this lake it seems to partake of all the colours in the rainbow.
RUDHA MOR Continued Contd. [Continued]
Rudha Mor
008 [Continued from page 32] This projection in shape has much the appearance of a boot and stands nearly isolated, being seperated from the hill behind it by a precipitous ravine [sketch drawn on page]. It is generally known to people at a distance southwards as the point or promontory of "Firkin" from being on that farm, but is well known to those in the immediate locality and Northwards as "Rudha Mor" or the great point. "Firkin Point" is in reality a small projection at the farmhouse of that name.

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