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COIRE BHUILG Coire-bhuilg
Rev [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Alexander Dewar
James McMerrich
008 A natural depression in the side of "Ben Reach", extending more than five chains on each side of "Stuckgown Burn", at the point where an extensive range of rocks crosses that stream. Coire signifies a hollow in a hillside, and Bhuilg a bag or bellows &c.
CROIT A' CHLADAICH Croit-a-chladaich
Rev [Reverend] Dr. [Doctor] McFarlan
Rev [Reverend] Colin McKenzie
Alexander Dewar, Ph. [Parish] Schoolm. [Schoolmaster]
Mr. Martin, Factor
008 A poor dwelling house on the farm of "Firkin" occupied by Cottars. The name signifies the Croft or field on the shore.

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County Dumbarton

[Below entry for Coire Bhuilg:]
Coire, A mountain dell; A circular
hollow between two hills, - Gael. [Gaelic]
Bhuilg, See "Stuchd a' bhuilg" in [ ]
Name Book
"Coire Bhuilg" Adopted. See arrangement on sheet 41, 6 inch scale,
Lewis island. RH

[Below entry for Croit-a-chladaich:]
Name as written on
plan not to be changed
for reason see page 3
Croit, (G). [Gaelic] A Croft; a small piece of arable ground.
Chladaich, (G. [Gaelic] gen. sing. [genitive singular] of Cladach) A shore
Croit a' Chladaich. The Croft by the shore.
'Croit a Chladaich' - Adopted. See similar arrangement on sheets of
Lewis Island. RH

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