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Malcolm Brodie
Malcolm McIntyre
Angus McIntyre
004 A name signifying an Abbey applied to a very rocky port[ion] of the West side of Ben Vorlich. It is supposed to have been so named from foxes being in the habit of taking refuge there.
CREAG A' PHUIRT Creag a' Phuirt Malcolm McIntyre
Thomas McDermid
Malcolm Brodie
004 A small perpendicular precipice on "Rudha Ban"
Rudha Ban
Rudha Ban
Malcolm McIntyre
Thomas McDermid
Malcolm Brodie
004 A descriptive name applied to [a] large projection into "Loch Lomond"
CEANN MÒR Ceann Mor Malcom McIntyre
Thomas McDermid
Malcom Brodie
004 A prominent headland, near Ardvorlich projecting into "Loch Lomond".

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Co. [County] Dumbarton

[Below entry for Abaid]:
"Abaid, an abbey, a cowl, or the hood of a monk"..(G. [Gaelic])
An Abaid
It is better with the above name with
the article an as it is at present a common noun but
with the article it becomes a proper noun
see Cruach page 22

[Below entry for Rudha Ban]:
"Rudha, a point. Ban, fair, white, pale" (G. [Gaelic])
Rudha Bàn
The grave accent to be inserted on plan

[Below entry for Creag a' Phuirt]:
"Creag, a rock, Phuirt or Puirt, a Port, harbour, ferry, a strait or firth." - (G. [Gaelic]

[Below entry for Ceann Mòr]:
"Ceann, a head, a point. Mor, great, large" (G. [Gaelic])

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