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Gimminbie Burn
Gimmonbie Burn
Gimmenbie Burn
William Farish, farmer
James Bell, farmer
Mr. Johnstone of Gibsonstown
See Page 117.
051 [Situation] On Sn. [Southern] Parish Boundary.
A short tiny brook, formed by the junction of small head-rills, on the North of Birrensworkhill, it runs in a S.W. [South West] direction, and falls into Milk Water. For a considerable distance it forms the By. [Boundary] between this Ph. [Parish] and Hoddam. It derives its name from the adjoining farm-town.

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[Page] 126
Parish of Tundergarth -- Plan 51.11 Trace 2

[Signed] M. Donohue
Febr. [February] 3rd 1857

[Signed] R. Stotherd
Capt. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]
30th April 1857.

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