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Torthorwald [Continued] nearly as follows 2800 Arable, 900 Pasture and Meadow, 5 Wood and 1895 Moss and irreclaimable. The Soil is of three kinds - that upon the Slopes is Cold having a retentive tilly bottom, nearer the centre is is more fertile having a rotten slaty bottom and adjoining Lochar Moss it is of light but kindly quality having gravelly and Sandy bottom. The rent of Arable varies from 7/6 to £2 per acre. The Proprietors are the Marquis of Queensberry, Sir Alexander Grierson of Lag, Bart [Baronet] and John Ewart Yorstoun Esqr. The Northern and broader district is part of the western face of ridge which runs down from the North of Tinwald to the SE [South East] of Mouswald & which is here finely variegated into hillock, bank and waving hollow and as seen from Dumfries forms a very beautiful part of the hill-screen of Lower Nithsdale, the highest ground Beacon Hill 650 feet commanding one of the most extensive views of the Southern part of the County, the Eastern part of Kirkcudbrightshire. the Solway firth, Cumberland and the Irish Sea. The remainder being upwards of one third of the entire area is a complete barren moss uninhabited which forms a large portion of the Morass called Lochar Moss and of which the entire Southern district consists. Stripes of rich Meadow land lye along the side of Lochar Water which having been reclaimed from the Moss now yield a fair return and has led to assertion that the entire Morass by a trifling expense incurred in drainage could be advantageously reclaimed. This Parish is destitute of all mineral resource, coal, stone or lime quarries do not exist, neither is there any Manufacture carried on. The Sod or Peat cut from Lochar Moss supplies the four fifths of the population with fuel. There are three lines of Turnpike roads, one running in a NE [North East] direction communicates with Lockerbie & the other two are the old and new roads to Annan. The Glasgow and South-Western Railway near the Southern extremity runs in a S.E.E. [South South East] direction across the Parish. There are three villages Torthorwald, Roucan and Collin , the two former quite an irregular cluster of miserable hovels with a respective population of about 200. Collin however is a modern large and tidy village, it being scarcely 60 years since it was commenced. Owing to the encouragement given to builders by the late Sir Robert Grierson of Lag by granting leases of 99 years its rapid growth may be accounted for. Its population is about 700, who are chiefly weavers, subordinate to Carlisle Manufacturers. The Parish Church near Torthorwald is a substantial and commodious building, erected 1782, is seated for 500 sittings free - Patron the Marquis of Queensberry. Stipend £220. Manse and Glebe, the latter valued at £20. There are two Parish Schools respectively at Torthorwald and Collin, Salaries of each £64 4/8½ and £44 8/7½.
The site of the Ancient Church is still pointed out near the existing one - the only information respecting which now ascertained is that it was a Vicarage under the Monks of Faile in Tarbolton, Ayrshire. - A part of one of the walls is all that now remains of Torthorwald Castle - situate in a small bank on the face of a slope, as seen from a distance forms however a most conspicuous object.No decay has taken place on this wall within the memory of any one, the mortar being as hard as the stone. This Castle is traditionally said to have been built by one Skrimple a shoemaker by means of a treasure which he found whilst digging his Garden. In the 16th Century it was inhabited by a natural son of the Earl of Morton, created Lord Torthorwald in 1590 by James VI. Two camps of about 90 feet circumference are yet traceable pronounced by Antiquarians as British

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Pyh. [Parish] of Torthorwald Co. [County] Dumfries

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