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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BLACK GRAIN Blackgrain Burn Blackgrain Burn Blackgrain Burn The Blackgrain Charles Carruthers, Brocklehurst
Thomas Carruthers, Brickhouse
Archibald Sloan, Horseholm
Report on the Drainage of Lochar Moss by J. Smeaton C. Engr [Chartered Engineer] for Charles Duke of Queensderry [Queensberry] Sept. 1754
056 [Situation] Flowing S.w. [South west] through S.wn. [South western] Parish district And partially tracing Sn. [Southern] Parish Boundary.
A stream, which rises, near, Brickhouse, runs in S. W. [South West] course and forms a confluence with Lochar Water.
LOCHAR MOSS Lochar Moss Lochar Moss Lochar Moss Mr. Carruthers
Mr. Sloan
Black's Co. [County] map,
056 [Situation] Forming S.wn. [South western] Section of Mouswald Parish
A Considerable tract of bog or Peat-moss on on which, peats are dug and, is the property of different Proprietors,
Holmhead Moss
Holmhead Moss
Thomas Carruthers
Archibald Sloan
John Hall
056 [Situation] At Sn. [Southern] extremity of this Parish
A large tract of Lochar Moss, partly enclosed & cultivated,

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Parish of Mouswald -- Plan 56. 14 Trace 2

[Signed] M. Donohue

Transcriber's notes

Black Grain - Various modes of Spelling - the 3rd entry looks (more than the others) to be written Bluckgrain - check you agree that this is just sloppy writing.
- Authorities for Spelling - it seems to be written Queensderry, when it obviously should be Queensberry.

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