List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
East Raffles
East Raffles
Rev, [Reverend] Alexander Brown mount Kedar
Rev. [Reverend] A,B. Murray manse
Thomas Wightman mount. Kedar.
056 [Situation] About 1½ mile S. E. [South East] by E. [East] of Mouswald village
A farm house with outbuldigs [outbuildings] and Garden attached the property of Mr. Foresith Esq,
WILL PLANTATION Hetland Plantation
Hetland Plantation
Hetland Plantation
Will Plantation
Rev, [Reverend] Alexander Brown
Rev, [Reverend] A.B, Murray
Thomas Wightman
Thomas Paterson Hetland Hill
056 [Situation] About 1¾ mile S.E, [South East] by E. [East] of Mouswald village
A mixed wood the property of the Rev. Dr, [Reverend Doctor] Bucanan
The Shaw
The Shaw
Rev. [Reverend] Alexander Brown
Rev, [Reverend] AB, Murray
Thomas Wightman
056 [Situation] About 1¾ mile S.E. [South East] of Mouswald village
A mixed wood the property of the Rev Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Bucanan

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 65.
Parish of Mouswald -- Plan 56/12 Trace 1

[note in List of Names below scored out Hetland Plantation]: Will Plantation adopted on the Plan J.B. [John Bayly? or one of 8 other possibilities?]

[Entry Scored Out/Incomplete] School (Free church) -- See Page 62.

[Signed] Samuel S, Hill
Lce. Corpl RSm, [Lance Corporal Royal Sappers & Miners]

Transcriber's notes

East Raffles - List of Names - Page 61
E [East] [missing] in 56/11
[W] [West] of 56/12
-Descriptive Remarks - Foresith is probably misspelt Forsyth

Will Plantation - List of Names - 'Hetland Plantation' scored out
Will Plantation and The Shaw - Descriptive Remarks - Bucanan corrected to Buchanan in OS1/10/41/60

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