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ROMAN CAMP (Supposed) [N of Mouswald] Roman Camp. Mr. Watson of Dodbeck
Mr. Mc Call of Butterwhat
Mr. mundell of mouswald
056 [Situation] About ¾ mile N. [North] of Mouswald village
A camp, said to be made & used by the Romans, at the time they inhabited Scotland. Not long since this camp in in a state of good preservation it was one of considerable Strength and magnitude, Mr Watson says the Fossa was deep & wide. the vallum high & Substantial. The Praetorium was enclosed with a strong, square wall and Stood near the Centre of the Camp, but no trace of it remains. There were two gate-ways one on the west side and is Still distinct. One on the East side not distinct, it was opposite the other, (Says Mr. Watson)
The vestiges of the whole circumvallation are Still very visible notwithstanding the depradations of the Plough.
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Parish of Mouswald -- Plan 56.7 Trace 2,

[Signed] M. Donohue

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