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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Hesket Hill
Hesket Hill
Hesket Hill
Mr. R. Threshie
Mr. Tait
Mr. Mc.Coll,
Mr David Marr Gamekeeper for Mr Threshie of Mouswald Place.
056 [Situation] About 1¾ miles N. [North] of Mouswald village
A hill feature so called property of Robert Threshie Esq This is sometimes called Hesket but R. Threshie & others recommend Heskethill on acct. [account] of its elevation,
Hesket Glen
Hesket Glen
Brackenrie Glen
Bluntfield Linn
Breckonrie Glen
Breckonrie Glen
Breckonrie Glen
Breckonrie Glen
Breckonrie Glen
Breckonrie Glen
Mr. R. Threshie of mouswald place
Mr. Tait of Cleughbrae
Mr. Cowan of Cleughbrae
Mr. Cummings
Statisl. [Statistical] Report of Dumfries
Robert Grierson
Walter Palmer
James Laidlow
James Craven
Francis Coupland
Matthew Wightman
056 [Situation] About 1¾ mile N. [North] of Mouswald village
A wooded glen, and Stream which in its course forms a By. [Boundary] between two proprietors.
It derives its name from the adjoining hill called Hesket, and is sometimes called the Linn, also Bluntfield Linn Hesket Glen is the original name. [initialed] MD, [M. Donohue]
This name is best known as "Breckonrie Glen",
The name "Breckonrie Glen" [commences] at the source of the stream, and [terminates] at Breckonrie cottage,
Revd. [Reverend] A.B. Murray, Mouswald Manse
Black's Co. [County] Map
Mr. Tait Cleughbrae
Ancient Valuation Rolls
Modern Valuation Rolls
056 [Situation] About 1¾ mile n, [north] of Mouswald village
A farm house & offices the property of Alexander Grierson Esq

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 26
Parish of Mouswald -- Plan 56.3 Trace 2.

[Signed] M. Donohue

Transcriber's notes

Check Various modes of Spelling for Hesket Hill - it was originally written Heskethill and the presumed modification to Hesket Hill is not that clear.

Descriptive Remarks - Breckonrie Glen - The last sentence appears separate at the bottom of the page after the Bluntfield Entry with an arrow pointing to it. It appears in the Descriptive Remarks column, so I have treated it as a continuation rather than as a separate note/extra info. Some letters in this sentence are also missing in the page fold.

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