List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
AIK RIG [Oakridge]
Aik Rig
Estate Plan
C Stewart Esq[Esquire]Hillside
William Pagan
William Moffat
016 A small hill on the farm of [Oakridge]Aikrig
Moffat Water
Moffat Water
James Russell Civil Engineer Moffat
Estate Plan of Dumcrieff
Estate Plan of Brackenside
010; 016; 017 A large stream having its source in North Eastern corner of this Parish, from where it flows in a South Western direction passing close on the East of Dumcrieff Mansion house and empties itself into River Annan.
New Mills
New Mills
William Pagan
William Moffat
Alex[Alexander] Grieve
016 A small but neat Cottage and Garden, on the estate of Dumcrieff

Continued entries/extra info

Page 200 Parish of Moffat Plan 16.16 Trace
Moffat Water situation From the North Eastern district South West to River Annan

Aik Rig situation At the East side of Aikrig Wood

New Mills situation 3/4 miles North West from Brackenside

MoffatDale See Page 181 Part 1

James Hill 2nd Corps RE[Royal Engineers]

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