List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Annan Bridge
Charles Stewart Esq [Esquire]
J Johnstone Larchhill
016 A substantial stone bridge of one arch over River Annan built and supported at the expense of the Turnpike Trustees.
CROSSLAWBURN [Corsleyburn]
Crosslaw Burn
Crosslaw Burn
James Russell
James Richardson
George Gallon
C Stewart Esq[Esquire]
016 A smart neat Cottage and garden with a few small fields attached, the property of Lord Rollo

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Page 179 Parish of Moffat Plan 16.11 Trace 1

Crosslaw Burn situation About 17 Chains nearly North from Nethermill

Entry for Nursery scored out

Annan Bridge situation On the boundary between Kirkpatrick Juxta and Moffat

James 2nd Corps RE[Royal Engineers]

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