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COVE QUARRY (Sandstone) Cove Quarry
Cove Quarry
Cove Quarry
Fullartons Imperial Gazetteer
George Ogboe Esq Cove
George Thompson Esq Dumfries
058 [situation] About 1/4 mile South of Under Woodhouse.
A very extensive Sandstone Quarry on the estate from which it takes its name, it is on the South side of the Caledonian Railway to which it is connected by tram roads etc.
ROMAN ROAD [Kirkpatrick Fleming parish] Roman Road (Site of)
Roman Road (Site of)
Roman Road (Site of)
Rev [Reverend] J Murdoch (Minister Kirkpatrick)
Mr J Bell (Kirkpatrick)
Colonel Graham (Mossknowe)
058 [situation] Traversing the Glasgow and Carlisle Road
Vestiges of the Roman Military way leading from LOngtown by Birrenswark to Gallaberry - this part of it is very indistinct, bt traceable in many places by a hard pavement. [--] [initials]

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[page] 81

Parish of Kirkpatrick Fleming Plan 58.11 Trace 4

[signed] Charles J Fearnside S.R.E. [Sapper Royal Engineers]

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