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Site of REDHALL CASTLE (13th Century) Redhall Tower
Redhall Tower
Redhall Tower
Redhall Castle
Redhall Castle
Redhall Castle
Col. [Colonel] Graham Mossknow
Mr J Newbiggan Redhall
Mr J Marshall Redhouse
New Stat Acct [Statistical Account] of Dumfriesshire
J Newbigging Redhall
Col [Colonel] Graham of Mossknow
058 [situation] In the Wn [Western] vicinity of Redhall
The tower of Redhall, the seat of the renowned Flemings, In 1296 the Flemings shut themselves up in this tower, which they defended against the English for three days. Towards the evening of the third day the English, enraged by the resistance, Collected wood around the tower, set fire to it, and Consumed thirty brave defenders in its flames Tradition says the elder Fleming had a dream nine days before, in which he was ordered to fly to the Highlands. The wall is entirely demolished and the stones have been Carried away.

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