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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Rent Receipt
Mr. Richmond
Mr. Birrel
064 [Situation] 1/2 mile East of Newhouse.
A commodious farm house with outbuildings and garden attached the property Maxwell
ALISON'S BANK T.P. Alison's bank Toll bar
Alison's bank Toll bar
Alisons bank Toll bar
Mr. John Murray
Mr. Richmond Surrone
Mr. Birrel Old Gretna
064 [Situation] On the Glasgow And Carlisle Trust Road.
First Toll Bar in Scotland on the Road leading from Carlisle to Glasgow. celebrated as one of the places where the runaway marriage ceremony is performed.
River Sark
River Sark
Mr. Carruthers Sark Bridge
Mr. Richmond Surrone
Mr. John Murray
059; 064 [Situation] On the En. Ph. [Eastern Parish] Boundary.
A stream flowing in a Southerly direction towards the Solway it forms the Boundary of England & Scotland from the place where the Scots dike touches it, and its efflux into the Solway
Copied from some old Geography
River-Sark sometimes called White Sark.

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 68
Parish of Gretna Sheet 64.5 Trace 3

[Signed] J. G. Andrew
Sr. R.E. [Sapper Royal Engineers]

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