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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
The Flow
Archibald Glendinning, Glendearg
James Glendinning, Over Cassock
018 [Situation] N.W. [North West] side of Bloodhope Knowe
This is situated on the farm of Glendearg betwixt Bloodhope Knowes and Eastside Knowe:- and comprehends a portion of moss ground, from which peats would seem to have been, and may yet, be obtained.
Mid Kipple Craig
James Glendinning, Over Cassock
Archibald Glendinning, Glendearg
018 [Situation] About 1/2 Mile S.W [South West] of Bloodhope Knowe
This Knowe or eminence consists of rough pasture, and is situated on the farm of Glendearg betwixt Nether Stonycleugh Head, and Upper Stony Cleugh, with the Flow to the N.E. [North East]
NETHER STONY CLEUCH HEAD Nether Stonycleugh Head
Nether Stonycleugh Head
Archibald Glendinning. Glendearg
James Glendinning. Over Cassock
018 [Situation] E [East] side of Mid Kipple Craig
A small portion of flat ground at the head of Nether Stony Cleugh, which, though in its natural rough state, might be brought under cultivation. On the farm of Glendearg.
BLOODHOPE KNOWE Bloodhope Knowe James Glendinning, Over Cassock
John Strathern
018 [Situation] Adjoining the Flow on the East.
A considerable elevation the surface of which is rough pasture

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Parish of Eskdalemuir
Sheet 18. No 1. Trace 6.

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