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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
PEDLAR'S STONE Pedlar's Stone. Rev [Reverend] John Strathern - Eskdalemuir.
James Glendinning Over Cassock
018 [Situation] About 1/4 of a Mile N.W. [North West] of Summer Cleugh Moss
This memento consists of a number of loose stones which have been collected at various times by various individuals to perpetuate an atrocious deed, and so arranged in careless order as to present the form of a Coffin. It was on this spot that John Elliot, a pedlar and supposed to have been a native of Hesham in the County of Northumberland, England, was barbarously murdered on the 14th of Novr. [November] 1820, by a person of the name of James Gordon, belonging to Mayo. Ireland. The only cause assigned for so barbarous an act was, the cupidity of Gordon to possess himself of the trifling valuables of the Pedlar. Elliot was nineteen years of age, - and the place where it occurred was on Stell-bush Edge on the farm of Over Cassock; - distant about six miles from the place where they passed the night together previous to the murder. The Corpse was discovered by the shepherd of Over Cassock about twelve days after. It was interred in the churchyard of Eskdalemuir, where a tombstone has been erected by the liberality of the parishioners on which, is an inscription expressive of the horrible crime. Through great exertion the murderer was discovered at Nairn - and brought to Dumfries where he was tried, condemned, and executed on the 6th June, 1821.

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Parish of Eskdalemuir
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