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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Blaeberry Edge
Archibald Glendinning Farmer, Glendearg
James Glendinning Farmer, Over Cassock
011 [Situation] About 1/2 Mile East of Mitchell Hill
A large ridge the surface of which is rough pasture, and scattered rocks; extending from Reedie's Hass to the County Boundary, a little to the east of Glendearg Steps, situated betwen Glendearg Burn, and Bloodhope Burn and on the farm of Glendearg. There is a Trigl. [Trigonometrical] Station on its highest point called Blaeberry Edge and another on its north end called Blaeberry.
REEDIES HASS Reedie's Hass
Reedie's Hass
Archibald Glendinning Farmer Glendearg
James Glendinning Farmer Over Cassock
011; 018 [Situation] About 3/4 of a Mile S.E. [South East] of Mitchell Hill
A large patch of moss extending from the source of Reedie's Syke to Bloodhope Burn, and situated between Ewe Knowe and Blaeberry Edge, on the farm of Glendearg.

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Parish of Eskdalemuir
Sheet 11 No. 13 Trace 5

Blaeberry edge [note] - Blae-berry, The Billberry

Reedies Hass [note] - Hass, is used in a general sense to signify any
gap or opening. Jamieson's Dictionary

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