List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
THE GILL The Gill Adam Murray Shepherd Langshawburn
John Little Shepherd Aberlosk
018 [Situation] Immediately North of Nether Langshawburn
A small gully on the north side of and close to "Nether Langshawburn"; a small stream flows along the bottom of it which has no name
MARCH SIKE March syke Adam Murray shepherd Langshawburn
James Cowan occupier Nether Langshawburn
018 [Situation] Flows 15 Chains South of Nether Langshawburn
A small rivulet which takes its rise on
"Humphrey Law" and running in a northwest direction, falls into "Langshaw Burn, about 10 chains below "Langshawburn"
NETHER LANGSHAWBURN Nether Langshawburn Adam Murray shepherd Langshawburn
James Cowan Occupier Nether Langshawburn
018 [Situation] About 50 Chains S.E [South East] of Langshawburn Rig
A small thatched cottage one storey high, having a vegetable garden attached; it is occupied by James Cowan and is the property of the Duke of Buccleugh

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Parish of Eskdalemuir
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