List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MAINS OF CRAIG Cancelled JBJ Three cottages on the farms of Hightoun & Barnkin, they are in good repair, with one of them having about5 acres of land attached, the property of Miss Douglas of Baads, Sometimes called Place of Craigs.
PLACE OF CRAIGS Place of Craigs
Place of Craigs
Mains of Craigs
Estate Documents
ord [ordnance] 6' Map
Val: [Valuation] Roll in 1827
055 [Situation] About 60 chains E. [East] of the Roman Camp
Here was a Baronial Tower, occupied by the owners of the Barony of Craigs, part of it has been standing within the memory of man, there is an outhouse erected on its Site, this place is known as "Place of Craigs" & Mains of Craigs.
John Dickson Esqr.
William Thorburn Essqr.
Mr. Swan
6' ord [ordnance] Map
Johnstone's Co. [County] Map
Old Writings of Estate
055 [Situation] About 10 Chains S.E. [South East] of Place of Craigs -
A large farm house and outhouses (including a Thrashing Machine attached) in good repair occupied by Mr. Thorburn, the property of Miss Douglas of Baads.

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[Page] 269 -- Plan 55.12 Trace No. 2 & 3 -- Ph. [Parish] of Dumfries

Mains of Craig cancelled & not in index

[Signed] Philip Munro
Pt. R.S.& M [Private Royal Sappers & Miners]

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