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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Thomas Tweedie Labr. [Labourer]
Walter Carruthers Wintershough
057 [Situation] 47 chains S.W. by W. [South West by West] from West Bowhill.
A Small Cottage one story with vegetable garden atta [attached] The house is in good repair and occupied by Thomas Tw [Tweedie] Labr., [Labourer] rented from Mr Carr [Carruthers] of Wintershaugh who is a te [tenant?] of the Marquis of Queensberry.
Thomas Tweedie Labr. [Labourer]
Walter Carruthers
057 [Situation] 58 chains S.E. [South East] from West Bowhill
This apply's to several Small cottages occupied by Lab [Labourers] principly in the Marquis [of] Queensberry's employme [employment] The Cottages are the [property] of the Marquis
KELHEAD QUARRY (Limestone) Kelhead Quarry Thomas Tweedie Labr. [Labourer]
Walter Carruthers
057 [Situation] In the Sn. [Southern] vicinity of Kelhead.

A large Lime works car [carried] on by the Marquis of Qu [Queensberry] on his Estate.

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Parish of Cummertrees -- Sheet 57 No. 14 -- Trace 5

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