List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MACRIEHOLM KNOWE Macrieholm Knowe McCrickom Knowe
McCrickom Knowe
James Hislop Farmer Kerr
William Pott Farmer Ryehills
William Allan Barngliesh-head
053 [Situation] 67 Chains S.W. [South West] from Cockplay.
A small knowe on the Kerr farm, the surface of which is covered with heathy pasture. The old turnpike road to Annan. passes over its summit
MAUKINS MIRE Maukins Mire James Hislop William Pot 053 [Situation] To the East of Macrieholm Knowe.
A portion of ground on the Kerr farm. the surface of which is of a wet mossy nature, It is a shelter for hares in case of a hunt. as they can easily cross it, while the hounds sink in the mire; hence the name.
FORT [Macrieholm Knowe] British Fort
British Fort
William Allan William Pott 053 [Situation] On Macrieholm Knowe.
A small Fort, partly cut away by the Langholm & Annan road, it has a very ancient appearance

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