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SCHOOL [Annan] School (Ph) [Parish]
School (Ph) [Parish]
Mr Morrison Schoolmaster Annan
Hugh Kerr Builder Annan
062 [Situation] 2 Chains S,E, [South East] of Annan Quoad Sacra Church. -

A room large enough to afford accommodation for about 180 scholars, having a large dwelling house, offices, playground, and garden attached. The average number of attenders is about 120 - the branches taught, are those usually taug [taught] in country schools. Mr Morrison is the schoolm [schoolmaster] his salary is composed of the maximum allowed by governm government] and school fees; he has two Pupil Te [Teachers] to assist him - they each receive a governm [government] allowance. Both male, & female scholars, are taugh [taught in] this school.
COLONEL'S WYND Colonel's Wynd See Sheet 10

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Parish of Annan -- Sheet 15 -- Trace 5

[signed] R. Stotherd -- Capt. Rl. Engrs. [Captain Royal Engineers] -- 28th Feb [February] 1858.

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