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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
PORT STREET [Annan] Port Street, Campbell McLean Grocer Annan
Mr Aitchison Joiner Annan
062 [Situation] From the west end of High Street - S.W. [South West] to River Annan

A long narrow street extending from High Street. to. the Port of Annan, The houses are of one & two storeys high and all in good repair, having vegetable gardens attached,
COLONEL'S WYND Colonel's Wynd 062 See Sheet 11
CARLYLE'S PLACE [Annan] Carlyle's Place Thomas Wright Draper Carlyle's Place, Annan
Mr Aitchison Joiner Annan
062 [Situation] From the East Side of Port Street - E. by S. [East by South]

A short street running in an east & southerly direction from Port Street & extending for about four chains, The houses are one & two storeys high and are in very good repair, all having office houses & vegetable gard [gardens] attached,
ROYAL OAK INN Royal Oak Inn 062 See Sheet 14
POOL'S CLOSE [Annan] Pool's Close Campbell McLean
Mr Aitchison
062 [Situation] 3 Chains East of the N. [North] end of Port Street

A narrow lane running in a southerly direction, for 3 chains from near High St. The houses are two storeys high - with gardens & offices attached all in good repair

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Town of Annan -- Sheet 10 -- Trace 6

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