List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
TOOT HILLS Toot Hills David Steel Esqr Newington Lodge Annan
Thomas Forster Victoria Inn English Street Annan
062 [Situation] From Battery Brae N.N.E, [North North East] to the junction of Thomas Street with Johnstone Street -

A street extending from the junctions of Johnstone [Street] "Thomas Street" & North Street to Batery Brae. The ho [houses] are all in good repair ha [having] offices; and vegetable gar [gardens] attached.
ANNANDALE ARMS (P.H.) [Annan] Annandale Arms (P.H.) [Public House] Thomas Forster Victoria Inn English Street Annan
Mr Beattie Annandale Arms Lady Street Annan
062 [Situation] Near the North end of Lady Street.

A commodious house two Sor [storeys] high in good repair having offices attached. It is occupied by Mrs Beattie. who is licen [licensed] to sell ale and spirits. The property of Mr Moffat Tanner Lady Street Annan

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Parish of Annan -- Sheet 7 -- Trace 4

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