Place names

These volumes provide information on the Caithness place names found in the parishes of Reay, Bower, Dunnet, Olrig, Canisbay, Wick, Latheron, Halkirk, Thurso, Watten, and Sutherland between 1871 and 1873. The columns of these ledgers include the place name, any variant name and spellings, map sheet numbers and descriptive remarks.

5271 place names

WEST RAEBERRYOS1/7/11/74Caithness volume 11
WEST SHEBSTEROS1/7/9/76Caithness volume 09
WESTEROS1/7/3/47Caithness volume 03
WESTEROS1/7/3/40Caithness volume 03
WESTEROS1/7/7/75Caithness volume 07
WESTEROS1/7/13/63Caithness volume 13
WESTER BORROWS TONOS1/7/9/26Caithness volume 09
WESTER CLETTOS1/7/8/3Caithness volume 08
WESTER HAVENOS1/7/2/37Caithness volume 02
WESTER WATTENOS1/7/12/41Caithness volume 12
WESTER WATTEN MOSSOS1/7/12/127Caithness volume 12
WESTER WHALE GOEOS1/7/13/317Caithness volume 13
WESTER WHALIGOE [1895] (For 1" purposes only. 1895.)OS1/7/13/317Caithness volume 13
WESTERDALEOS1/7/15/51Caithness volume 15
WESTERSEATOS1/7/13/170Caithness volume 13
WEYDAL MOSS [1895] For 1'' purposes only. See remark in index 1895OS1/7/11/188Caithness volume 11
WEYDAL QUARRIES [1895]OS1/7/11/188Caithness volume 11
WEYDAL [1895] For 1'' purposes only. See remark in Index. 1895.OS1/7/11/188Caithness volume 11
WEYDALEOS1/7/11/188Caithness volume 11
WEYDALE MOSSOS1/7/11/188Caithness volume 11