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GREAT CUMBRAY Meikle Cumbrae
Meikle Cumbrae
Meikle Cumbrae
John Muir Esqr Rothesay
Dr [Doctor] Stoddart, Millport
Chart of the Clyde
216 An island in the Firth of Clyde, also a Parish, which belongs to the County of Bute, And Situated between that island And the Coast of Ayrshire; it lies west of Largs about 2 miles according to the New Statl [Statistical] Account. The Meikle Cumbrae, sometimes "Great or Big Cumbrae" lies north of the Little Cumbrae, and Separated from it by a channel (Known by the name of the Tan) of about ½ a mile broad. The following remarKs descriptives of this Island, are taken from the New Stat. Acct [Statistical Account]
"The name is said to come from a Gaelic word, which Signifies a bold Steep Coast rising abruptly from

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For further authorities for
the orthography "Cumbray"
see "Little Cumbray" Name Book page [1]

"The Parish of Largs anciently
included the island of
Greater Cumbray, now a dis-
-trict parish, and belonging
to Bute."
Origines Parochiales Scotia
1st Vol. [Volume] page 89.

Great Cumbray - for the parish -
Great Cumbray Island - for the Island
Ex. off [Excise Office] 25 Sep 1856

"Big Cumbray", New Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] of Buteshire
"The Greater or Big Cumbray" Full. [Fullerton's] Gazetteer
"Great Cumbray" Chalmer's Caledonia
"Meikle Cumbra" Johnston's Co. [County] Map
"Greater Cumbray" Dawsons Stat [Statistical] History of Scotland

Island and Parish of Cumbray
"The parish consists of two
islands, the Greater and the
Lesser Cumbray, lying betwixt
the island of Bute and the
Ayrshire Coast".
Dawson's Stat. Hist. [Statistical History] of Scotland

Island & Parish of Cumbray New Stat Acct [Statistical Account]

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