Berwickshire, Volume 36

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OS1/5/36/1 OLDHAMSTOCKS [Parish] Oldhamstocks (Parish) Fullertons Gazetteer of Scotland Chalmers Caledonia New Statistical Account of Berwickshire 003.12 ; 004.13 A parish partly in the North of Berwickshire, but chiefly in the extreme East of Haddington Shire, & consisting of a Main body and a small detachment. The detached part is nearly a square 1½ Mile deep, and lies all in Berwickshire and 1¾ mile East of the Main body; and it is bounded on the N.W. [North West] of Cockburnspath; on the S. [South] West by Eye Water, which divides it from Abbey St. Bathans; & on the South East & N. [North] East, by a tributary of the Eye, which divides it from Coldingham. The main body resembles in form the blade of a Sickle or reaping [Continued on Page 2]
OS1/5/36/1 [Page] 1 Parish of Oldhamstocks County of Berwick William Beatty CA [Civilian Assistant]
OS1/5/36/2 Oldhamstocks (Parish) Continued [Continued from Page 1] hook, with the convexity or back of the blade, facing the West; & is bounded on the N.E. [North East] by the German Ocean; on the east by Cockburnspath & abbey St. Bathans; & on S.W. W. [south west West] & N.W. [North West] by Innerwick, with the exception of this portion of the parish, & the detached portion referred to in page 1 the whole is in Haddington shire. The small portion within Berwickshire is principally hilly Moorland with the exception of a few fields belonging to Luckie Shiel, & Nether Monynut farms. There is no portion of any other Parish within that of Oldhamstocks.
OS1/5/36/2 [Page] 2 Oldhamstocks Parish Co [County] Berwick
OS1/5/36/3 LAMMERMOOR (District) Lammermoor (District) Fullertons Gazetteer Scotland County Map New Statistical Account of Berwickshire 003.12 ; 004.13 In ancient times the Shire of Berwick Seems to have been a Separate jurisdiction from the Bailliary of Lauderdale, & to have been itself divided into the Merse and Lammermoor Districts. It is not easy to say what had been the exact boundaries of these divisions, now almost obsolete. For the purpose of agricultural inquiry, the whole may be very conveniently Considered under two districts, the Merse and the Lammermoor: the former including all the comparatively low land along Tweed, Whiteadder, Blackadder & Eye, & the latter comprehending Lauderdale, along with the more Eastern hilly Country peculiarly Called Lammermoor. According to the general division of the County just pointed out, the Merse designates the whole lower ground from Tweed, up the Cultivated Slopes of the whole lower Range of the Lammermoor Hills [Continued on Page 4]
OS1/5/36/3 [Page] 3 Parish of Oldhamstocks Sheets 3.12, 3.16, 4.9, 4.13, 4.14 William Beatty
OS1/5/36/4 Lammermoor (District) Continued. [Continued from Page 3] including the western parishes of Newthorn & Mertoun, & forming the largest piece of Compact level ground diversified only by a few gentle undulations to be found in Scotland. Mr Blackadder estimated this division to contain 100.226 acres. The whole remainder of the Co. [County] with the exception of 6.880 acres is therefore to be Considered as forming the Lammermoor district & according to the Same authority Should Contain 185.214 acres.
OS1/5/36/4 [Page] 4 Parish of Oldhamstocks William Beatty
OS1/5/36/5 LAMMERMOOR HILLS Lammermoor Hills Fullertons Gazetteer Scotland Map of Berwickshire Map of Scotland 003.12 ; 004.13 A broad range of Moorish height Stretching Eastward from the Gala Water, in the South Eastern extremity of Mid-Lothian, to the German ocean, at the promontories of Fast Castle, Earncleugh, & St. Abbs Head in the parish of Coldingham, Berwickshire. The Lammermoors all lie, within East Lothian & Berwickshire; commencing at their extreme western limit, forming for two-thirds of their extent a Southern Screen or belt, of uplands to Mid-Lothian & Constituting, if the Lammermoor portion of Lauderdale be included, nearly half of Berwickshire. The Lammermoors, are, in themselves, an extensive range of, for the most part, wild, cheerless, unsightly heights, nowhere bold & imposing in aspect, and after Subsiding into low rolling Table-lands, of bleak Moor. They were at one time clothed with Forest, & must have been as bewildering to the Traveller, as grandly Sylvan in their vast contribution to the landscape. [Continued on Page 6]
OS1/5/36/5 [Page] 5 Parish of Oldhamstocks William Beatty
OS1/5/36/6 LAMMERMOOR HILLS Lammermoor Hills Continued [Continued from Page 5] They still have natural Woods hanging on Some of their Steeps, and, in Such localities, are warmed out of their chilliness of aspect, but over their Summits, & down their higher Slopes, they are almost every where nakedly dressed in Heath. "Lammer Law", with rises in the Parish of Lauder gives name to the whole range & has an altitude of 1500 feet.
OS1/5/36/6 SKINNER BURN Skinner Burn Mr. George Redpath mid Monynut Mr. Thomas Redpath mid Monynut Mr. William Dickson, Lower Monynut Engraved plan of Haddington 004.13 A small stream rising in Birky Cleugh and flowing southward into Monynut Water. It forms part of the County Boundary.
OS1/5/36/6 [Page] 6 Parish of Oldhamstocks William Beatty
OS1/5/36/7 CROOKED BANK Crooked Bank Mr George Redpath Monynut Mr Thomas Redpath Monynut Mr Thomas Johnstone Bushel Hill 004.13 A Rough Steep bank near the Monynut water (on the North Side) on the Farm of N. [Nether] Monynut, it is partly Covered with Stunted wood, whins etc. It derives its name from its Semicircular form.
OS1/5/36/7 DElL'S NEUK Deil's neuk Mr George Redpath Mr Thomas Redpath Mr Thomas Johnstone 004.13 A deep gully, or old Course of Stream at the east end of Crooked bank, it forms a portion of the Boundary between the Parishes of Oldhamstocks and Abbey St. Bathans.
OS1/5/36/7 LAUGHING LAW Laughing Law Mr George Redpath Mr Thomas Redpath Mr Thomas Johnstone 004.13 An elevated portion of Moorland belonging to the farm of Nether Monynut.
OS1/5/36/7 CORSE LAW Corse Law John Hall Luckie Shiel George Redpath Mr. Thomas Johnstone Thomas Redpath 004.09 4-9-trace 1 An elevated portion of moorland, in the Parishes of Oldhamstocks and Cockburnspath, it belongs to the farm of Upper Monynut.
OS1/5/36/7 [Page] 7 Parish of Oldhamstocks Sheet 4.15 traces 1.4 and 4.9 trace 1 James McAllister
OS1/5/36/8 KIRN CLEUGH Kirn Cleugh George Redpath Thomas Redpath Mr. Thomas Johnstone 004.13 Is a deep Gully, it extends for about 17 Chains South west from Weir Burn, near Luckie Sheil and forms a part of the Boundary between Oldhamstocks and Abbey St Bathans.
OS1/5/36/8 HORSE CLEUGH Horse Cleugh George Redpath Thomas Redpath Mr. Thomas Johnstone 004.09 A small ravine on the north Side of Weir Burn, near Luckie Shiel, on the farm of Godscroft, through which a Stream flows
OS1/5/36/8 LUCKIE SHIEL Luckie Shiel Mr. Adam Sandells, Bankend Mr. James Aitchison Mr. Thomas Johnstone 004.09 A neat little Cottage one Storey high, and slated Roof, with a small garden attached. It is Situated on the farm of Godscroft, and is occupied by John Hall, Shepherd to Mr. William Hunter Farmer Godscroft. "Proprietor" David Milne Home Esqr.
OS1/5/36/8 [Page] 8 Parish of Oldhamstocks Sheet 4-9 trace 4-5 James McAllister
OS1/5/36/9 MONYNUT WATER Monynut Water The Revd. [Reverend] Thomas Davidson Abbey St. Bathans Mr. James Aitchison Abbey St. Bathans Mr. John Aitchison Abbey St. Bathans 003.16; 004.13 A river or water of considerable Size, which takes its rise in Haddington Shire, & flowing in a S. [South] Easterly direction empties itself into the Whiteadder at abbey St. Bathans. In character it is somewhat like the Whiteadder flowing through barren Stony heathery hills, desolate & dreary. In some instances the hills close in, so as to narrow the Valley almost to the bed of the River. In many instances its banks are bold & precipitous, & present a very fine appearance.
OS1/5/36/9 [Page] 9 Parish of Oldhamstocks Sheets 3.16, 4.13 William Beatty
OS1/5/36/10 WHARE BURN Weir Burn Whereburn [mouth] Whareburn Whareburn Whareburn Whare Burn Heritons Books of the Parish of Abbey St. Bathans James hardy, Penmanshiel John Dudgeon, Moorhouse "Fish and Fishing in the lone glens of Scotland" by Dr. Knox 1854. Mr. George Redpath Mid Monynut Mr. Thomas Redpath Mid Monynut Mr William Dickson Lower Monynut Engraved sheet of Haddington 004.09 ; 004.13 A small stream or Burn which takes its rise in that part of this parish within the County of Haddington, & flowing S. [South] Easterly empties itself into the Whiteadder at Abbey St. Bathans. In a portion of its course it divides this parish from Abbey St. Bathans.
OS1/5/36/10 NETHER MONYNUT Nether Monynut Mr. James Hardy, Penmanshiel Mr. John Dods, Abbey St. Bathans John Dudgeon, Moorhouse 003.16 A good dwelling house with Suitable offices & a small farm attached. It is the property of & occupied by Mr. Weatherby. It receives the name from being built on the north bank of the Monynut Water, and the word Lower is used to distinguish it from another farm house higher up called Upper Monynut.
OS1/5/36/10 [Page] 10 Parish of Oldhamstocks Sheets 3.16, 4.9 & 4.13 William Beatty [Signed] R Burnaby Cap. RE [Captain Royal Engineers] 23 June 1857
OS1/5/36/11 [Page] 11 [Volume] 36 OS1/5/36 Co. [County] BERWICK NAME SHEETS of The Parish of OLDHAMSTOCKS [Stamped] Ord[nance Survey M. S. ] Store SOUTHAMPTON 14 Oct. 1897
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