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MORDINGTON (Parish) Mordington (Ph) Parish Continued [Continued from Page 4]
its importance, the present proprietor has lately made several investigations with the view of working it. Some old pits and mines have been cleared, which are believed to have been wrought half a Century ago, and by which two workable seams of Coal have been discovered, an upper and an under; the former 13 inches thick, and of good quality; the latter 26. It is stated by fishermen, that a third much lower & thicker is to be seen at very low tides. The proprietor has not yet completed his investigations, but, from the great depth of the Coal, except when approached below the Coast rocks, and near water mark, the working of it would seem likely to be attended with some difficulty. Lime in Considerable quantity has been found in the vicinity of the Coal, but it is of an inferior quality.
On the Coast, for a mile or two South-east of the village of "Ross," the sandstone strata are nearly vertical, which, indeed, we may naturally expect from their vicinity to the trap rocks. In other parts of the parish, it is impossible to perceive the junction of the trap and the sandstone, on account of the thick Covering of the soil. It may be mentioned, that in the strata of shale and indurated Marl below Edrington House, a few vegetable fossils have been found. The Church or Chapel of Lamberton, which was either at one time a parish Church, or, as seems more probable, a chapel of ease to Ayton, and an adjunct of the abbey [Continued on Page 6]

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Parish of Mordington

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