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KIRK PARK Kirk Park Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Blair, Mordington
Mr. Oswald, Edrington
Mr. Johnston, Clappers.
018.02 An arable field, immediately [...] of Mordington House, upon which Stood the old, Parish Church, [] to the year 1757. When a new Church was built in another locality, hence the name.
TIBBY FOWLER'S GLEN Tibby Fowler's Glen Mr. Blair
Mr. Oswald
Mr. Johnston
018.05 A deep glen through which the Whiteadder flows. Situated a little North of Edrington Castle.
TIBBY FOWLER'S COTTAGE (Site of) Tibby Fowler's Cottage (Site of) Mr. Blair
Mr. Oswald
Mr. Johnston
018.05 There are no remains of the Cottage to shew its actual position, but the spot where it stood is still pointed out by some of the old inhabitants, who delight in relating Some of Tibby's exploits among the Border Gallants. Tibby Fowler is the Heroine of the most popular Scottish Ballads.

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[signed] Richard Burnaby Capn R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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