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Whiteadder Water
Whiteadder Water
James Jeffrey Oswald
John Logan,
James Ketchan,
018.05 A beautiful and pleasant River of very Irregular flow. Supposed to obtain its name from its source being the White Well in Haddingtonshire, it passes through a part of Lammermoor and after flowing through a portion of the Cultivated country empties itself into the Tweed.
BASTILE (Supposed site of) Bastile (Site of)
Bastile (Site of)
Bastile (Site of)
James Jeffrey Oswald,
John Logan,
James Kerchan,
018.05 This ancient place which as traces are visible [] to have been used as a prison by the garrison of Castle, It occupied a commanding position on [Raven's] Knowe by the side of the Whiteadder.

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Ph. [Parish] of Mordington -- Sheet 18.5 Trace 6 -- Collected by John Webster Pte. RS&Mne [Private Royal Sappers & Miners]

Whiteadder Water [Note] See page 42 (possible should be p45 for the situs of Whiteadder Water.)

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