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LAMMERMOOR HILLS Lammermoor Hills Gazetteer of Scotland
New Statistical acct. [account] BerwickS. [Berwickshire]
Map of Berwickshire
004 ; 010 A broad range of Moorish heigh [heights] stretching eastward from the Vale of Ga [Gala] water, in the S.E [South East] extremity of Mid-Lothian to the German ocean at the promontor [promontory] of Fast Castle. Earnscleugh, and St. A [Abbs] Head, in the parish of Coldingham Berwickshire --- The Lammerm [Lammermoors] all lie within East Lothian and Berwickshire; commencing at their extreme Western limit, forming, for two-thirds of their extent, a southern screen, or bel [belt] of uplands to Mid-Lothian, & Constituting --- if the Lammermoo [Lammermoor] part of Lauderdale be included --- nearly one half of Berwickshire

The Lammermoors are, in themselves, an extensive curviture of, for the most part, wild, cheerless, unsightly heights --- nowhere bold & imposing in aspect, and often subsiding into low rolling table lands of bleak moor --- They were at one time clothed with Forest - & must have been as bewildering to the traveller as grandly sylvan in their vast contribution to the landscape They still have natural woods hanging on some of their steeps, and, in such localities, are warmed out of their chilliness of aspect - but over their summits, & down their higher slopes, they are almost everywhere nakedly dressed in heath ---

Lammerlaw - which rises in the parish of Lauder, and gives name to the whole range has an altitude of 1500 feet -- Among other chief or remarkable Summits, according to the measurements of Blackadder in his survey of Berwickshire - Criblaw has an elevation of 1615 feet, Clinthill, 1544, Tippet Knowes 1323 - Manslaughterlaw. 1273 - Twinlaw hill 1260; Earlstonhill 1200; Great Dirrington law 1145; Aryhouse hill 1054 Bemerside hill 1011 and Cockburnlaw 912 feet --- Gazetteer of Scotland Page 206.

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