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Mutiny Stones
Mutiny Stones
Mr James Darling Priestlaw. Haddingtonshire.
Mr Adam Darling Priestlaw. Haddingtonshire.
Mr James Smith, Byrecleugh.
008 A large heap of stones north of "Byrecleugh", And evidently brought some distance, as the greater portion of them appears waterworn, as if they had been obtained at streams, rivers etc etc. It was at one time very large, but a great quantity of the stones have been taken away from time to time, for the purpose of building dykes, houses, etc etc. Tradition says, that, a portion of the Scottish Army Mutinied here and that this pile was erected by the Soldiers, to commemorate the event. I could not obtain, Names of Commanders, or the date of the occurrence.

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Parish of Longformacus
Plan 8
Collected by John McCabe

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