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East Blackadder
East Blackadder
Mr. Patterson, Occupant
Mr. Waite, Dunse
Ralph Broomfield
017.09 A comfortable farm house two stories [high] with suitable offices, (The offices are in ba [bad repair]) vegetable garden and a small arable fa [farm] attached, It is tenanted by W. Pat [Patterson] and is the property of Sir George Boswell.
West Blackadder
West Blackadder
Mr Turnbull, Occupant
Mr Waite, Dunse
Ralph Broomfield
017.09 A Commodious farmhouse two stories high with suitable offices a vege [vegetable] garden and a large arable far [farm] attached, It is tenanted by Mr Turnbull and is the prop [property] of Sir George Houston Boswell

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Parish of Edrom -- Sheet 17 No 9 -- Trace 5 -- Collected by John [W. Rodgers]

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