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CRANSHAWS (Parish) Cranshaws (Parish) Map of Berwickshire
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The whole parish is a Sea of hills, forming part of the Lammermoor range & is wild and pastoral -- The greatest elevation is "Man-Slaugh [Man-Slaughter] Law", Situated in the northern Section, which is traditionally reported to have receives its name from its having been the scene of a Sanguinary onslaught, and on whose Summit is a Mound or Tumulus apparently commerorative of the event --- The Climate is Cold, Sharp & extremely foggy; yet decidedly salubrious -- Near the centre of the Northern Section Stands the Castle of Cranshaws, now used as a Shooting Box. by Lord Aberdour but formerly a fastness of a Kinsman of the Douglasses, and it seems to have been the original of Sir Walter Scott's pictured Ravenswood Castle, in his graphically tragic Story of "The Bride of Lammermoor" ---- The church was built in 1739 - Sittings 120: Glebe: £17.0.0 -- Income £158.7.10 -- Schoolmasters Salary £34.4.4½ with £12.0.0 other emoluments ---

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