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Resting House
Resting House
John Graham (Clints)
William Lindsay (Dass)
Thomas Taylor (Threeburnford)
013.09 The remains of an ancient Inn, near the Girthgate road, used at a former period by the monks of Melrose as a house of rest while journeying to and from Edinburgh & which devotees used in their pilgrimage to the abbey of Melrose
Girth Gate
Girth Gate
John Graham William Lindsay
Thomas Taylor
Chalmers Caledonia
013 An ancient road running from Melrose Abbey to Edinburgh.

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[page] 43
Ph [Parish] Channelkirk -- Sheet 13.9 -- Trace 5 -- Collected by R. Wighton c/a [civilian assistant]

[Note Girthgate] -- See Page 27

Respecting the Roman Road - Chalmers
in his Caledonia Page 141. states
"General Roy in Tracing its Course has
Completely mistaken its track; towards Soutrahill,
without looking at the intimation of others, he was
misled by the appearance of Girthgate, which
passes from the Tweed, upon the valley of allan
Water, across the Moors to Soutra Hospital
On Soutrahill, the footway without any examination he mistook for the
remains of a Roman Road"

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