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Bunkle Bunkle (Parish) Continued which, however, appear evidently to be of the same old red sandstone the earliest of the secondary rocks. In several different places, trap dikesare seen crossing the bed of the river. One of these is a great dike of basalt, half a mile above the Bridge, in imperfect Columnar Masses; a little below is another of a kind of ?? Greenstone; a third occurs at Preston Bridge, and is the rock on which the south end is built. A very little below this, & apparently resting on the old red sandstone, the new red or variegated sandstone formation, which is the characrerizing ?? along the course of the Whiteadder, from this to its junction with the Tweed seems to commence. The principal rocks of this formation, as seen in this parish, & through the lower division of the county are beds of sandstone slate of undurated marl, gypsum & conglomerate, These occur irregularly, frequently alternating with each other. Along both sides of the river, wherever these strata to the action of the weather, we meet with abundance of clay marl, evidently occasioned by the description of the beds of undurated marl and soft sandstone, which latter frequency contain a considerable portion of Calcareous Matter, and, therefore, as natural consequences, the soil on the lower lands, particularly along the Course of the river, is rich & loamy, while on the higher grounds, it is generally light & poor. There is no portion of Bunkle situated within any other parish. There is no portion of any other parish within Bunkle. New St. acct. P.P.155-122.

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