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Dogbush Wood
Dogbush Wood
[signed] Thomas Allan Black House
William Dunlop, Mayfield
James Hardy, Penmanshiel
010.07 ; 010.08 ; 010.11 A large mixed wood situated between Drakemire and the farm of Marygold -- It derives its name from its having consisted of thirteen larch trees which were planted ninety years ago as an experiment and also from the fact of the dogs outnumbering the Shepherds that lived there at one time
[signed] Thomas Allan
William Dunlop Mayfield
James Hardy, Penmanshiel
004 ; 010 An extensive tract of Moorland lying adjacent to Buncle Edge --- It appears to have been a large Marsh and is supposed to have taken its name from the large number of wild ducks that frequented it

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[page] 21 Ph. [Parish] Buncle
Sheet 10 No 8 Traces 1. 1. 3 and 4 Collected by James Hannan c.a [Civilian Assistant]

Notes in red below Dog Bush Wood: See page 32 "Dog Bush" is restricted to the old trees. "Dogbush Plantation" is the name of the whole Plantation ----

Note in pencil below Drakemire: Dercribed in pages 11 & 14 & 19

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