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AYTON (Parish) Ayton (Parish) [Continued from page 83]
The Parish line of court is terminated on the south by a rocky bay accessible from the land by a steep ravine, at the bottom of which stands the romantic fishing village of Burnmouth. There are two principal streams in this Parish, the "Eye" and the "Ale"- the former the longer of the two, takes its rise in Lammermoors, and after flowing in a south-easterly direction for ten or twelve miles, turns nearly at right angles. on entering the Western side of the parish, traversing the parish in the line of the great central valley in a north-easterly direction; when for another mile, it skirts the parish in the same direction, separating it from that of Eyemouth. & then falls into the sea - The other stream the "Ale" has its rise in Coldingham Parish, takes also a South-easterly course for two or three miles and at the northern extremity of the parish. continuing in the same direction, it forms the north-eastern boundary. which separates Ayton parish from those of Coldingham & Eyemouth to the extent of two miles, and then it falls into the "Eye" at a very romantic spot, distinguished by a remarkable elevation called the "Kip-rock" (within Eyemouth Parish)

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Parish of Ayton

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