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Chester Hill
Chester Hill
Mr William Anderson Ayton
Mr Thomas Calder Fairneyside.
Mr James Redpath Station Master Burnmouth
012.06 A small though high hill which derived its name from the Saxon word Ceaster which means a Camp. the line of Circumvallation can still be traced
Ayton Hill
Ayton Hill
Mr. William Anderson Ayton
Mr. James Redpath
Mr. Thomas Calder
012.06 ; 012.09 A very high ridge of land so called fr [from] its proximity to the village of Ay [Ayton] A splendid view of the surrounding country [can] be had from this hill
CAMP (Site of) [Chester Hill] Camp (site of)
Camp (site of)
Camp (site of)
Mr Thomas Brodie. Chesterbank
Mr J. Redpath,
Mr J. Anderson. Greystonelees
012.06 This name applies to a semicircular piece of ground on Chester Hill and the supposed site of a British Camp, the line of circumvallation can still be tr [traced]

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Sheet 12 No. 6 -- Ph. [Parish] Ayton -- Trace 4 -- Collected by M Cottrell Pte [Private] RS&M [Royal Sappers and Miners]

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