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HILL OF CAIRNS Hill of Cairns
Hill of Cairns
Hill of Cairns
William Bremner Tillydown
John Cruickshank Knauchland
John Taylor Retanach
015.15 A bold eminence on the lands of Mayen, whereon there are the remains of three large Druidical Cairns composed of a mixture of earth and stones standing about six feet above the earths surface, at one time they were of considerable height the upper parts were of a conical shape piled up with rough stone the greater number of which has been removed for drainage and other improvements on the lands of Mayen and Tillydown. there are also a number of small cairns Known as Primeval Tumili the fact of such objects leaves no doubt but the Cairns are of the character represented on trace.

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Co. [County] of Banff -- Parish of Rothiemay

Hill of Cairns Hill [note] part of descriptive text circled -- what is the meaning intended? See page 84

Cairns [note] Site of Cairns?

[signed] James Gray
S.R.E. [Sapper Royal Engineers]

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